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RO System-8040

Get A Seawater Reverse Osmosis Unit SWRO Plants

40 TPD seawater desalination system
40 TPD seawater reverse osmosis plant

Project Description

Seawater reverse osmosis unit

The SWRO desalintion device is RO membrane is capable of concerting seawater with TDS < 40000mg/L into fresh water with < 800 mg/L, which can be applied for domestic used. 

In RO,an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis can remove many types of molecules and ions from solutions, including TDS &bacteria.

high pressure pump for seawater reverse osmosis system

High Pressure Pump

Security Filter for Cleaning System

dosing system for desalination water system

Dosing Systems

  • Raw water pump: Pump raw water from the sea.
  • Multimedia filter: Remove suspended solids, sediments and impurities.
  • Security filter: Prevent particles from entering the RO membrane.
  • High pressure pump: Provide high pressure to drive the seawater pass the RO membrane.
  • RO system: Removing  98% TDS from the feed water.
  • CIP system: To clean RO membrane.
Customized RO System Solution
Kysearo with experienced RO water-treatment engineer specialist, is capable of providing technical design proposal by customized reverse osmosis system solution from small desalination equipment to mega-scale projects which can be applied to different corner of world, including limited space on ship,solar energy system on island, desert or area without power supply, extreme cold weather condition in North Pole Area .

Custom Design Your Seawater Desalination System

Please feel free to tell us your raw seawater condition and other requirement

RO System Specifications

  • Power coated carbon steel frame
  • Stainless steel 316 feed pump
  • ss304 shockproof pressure gauge
  • Dosing system
  • 5um/1um cartridge filter
  • Duplex ss high pressure pump
  • High salt rejection RO membrane
  • FRP high pressure vessel
  • Manual value
  • High/low pressure gauge
  • Cleaning- in- peace cleaning system
  • LCD screen
  • Control panels PLC electric control system

Installation and Commissioning

 We can send our technical engineers to the project location for on site installation,commissioning and equipment manipulation training.


Model Membrane model*qty Production T/D Desalinization rate/% Weight/kg
KYSW-21.3 8040 x 2 21.3 98 850
KYSW-31.9 8040 x 3 31.9 98 900
KYSW-42.6 8040 x 4 42.6 98 950
KYSW -53.2 8040 x 5 53.2 98 1010

What We Offer To Solve Water Problem?

1. Technical consultation;
2. Engineering design;
3. Equipment manufacturing;
4. Construction of project, installation and commissioning of equipment;
5. Operation ,management, maintenance of equipment.

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