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RO System-4040

RO System-4040 Seawater Desalination Plants 

5TPD desalination plant
5TPD seawater desalination plant

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automatic cleaning system

Automatic Cleaning System

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Pressure Controller

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security filters

Innovative two security filters

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Automatic cleaning multi-media filter with multi-way valve

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The fresh water produced flows out of the RO Membrane,it can filter salts up to 99.3%.To protect the RO system from becoming clogged by solid particles that can be suspended in the seawater ,the seawater is filtered before passing through the membranes,This is accomplished by using multimedia filters,which containing a series of layered granular materials,these materials can be anthracite, sand, pebbles and or gravel,which assembled in layers,The filters remove sand twigs,seaweed and other particles from the seawater.Generally,KYsearo use the multimedia filters to pre-treat the sea water,It can be replaced by other types of membranes,know as ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.

Answer Your Questions

Can salt be recovered?

The usual desalination processes do not provide for such recovery. Whereas they concentrate seawater 1.5 times, recovery of salt would require seawater to be concentrated ten times. Under such conditions the first crystals would appear in the brine. This would require a lot of energy and cannot be justified on an economic standpoint. Today whenever a large surface area is available close to a sunny seashore, salt pans, which make use of solar energy, are still the best method of salt production.

Do I need UV lights to purify fresh water ?

In nearly all cases, U.V. light or any further treatment of water in unnecessary. The UV light only kills bacteria which rarely exists in the reverse osmosis processed water. It is recommended that the desalinator membranes be cleaned periodically to prevent internal growth of bacteria.  For prolonged storage of drinking water, chlorination is necessary regardless of UV light disinfection of the freshly purified water. UV light has no preservative action.

Does desalinator remove harmful bacteria from sea water ?

Definitely. Reverse osmosis membranes are capable of removing 99.9+ % of bacteria. This level of removal is sufficient for most sea waters which contain some bacteria and other micro-organisms. The feed water intake pipe should not be located close to some source of contamination like sewer discharge point. Otherwise the reverse osmosis membranes will be overloaded with bacteria.

RO System – 4040 seawater desalination systems specfications

Model Membrane model*qty Production T/D Desalinization rate/% Weight/kg
KYSW-5.6 4040×2 5.6 98 360
KYSW-8.4 4040×3 8.4 98 390
KYSW-11.2 4040×4 11.2 98 420
KYSW-14 4040×5 14 98 450

Electrical Requirement

Booster Pump HP pump Operating Pressure/Mpa Power
0.55 KW 2.5 KW 3.5 ~ 6.5 KW

220/50-60 HZ


380/50-60 HZ

0.55 KW 2.9 KW 3.5 ~ 6.5 KW
0.55 KW 4.5 KW 3.5 ~ 6.5 KW
0.55 KW 4.5 kw 3.5 ~ 6.5 KW