5TPD seawater desalination plant

KYSW-5.6 T/D

Production water capacity: 5.6 T/D

High pressure pump: 2.5 KW

Booster pump: 0.55 KW

Dimensions: 1450mm×550mm×450mm

Weight: 360 kg

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5TPD seawater desalination plant
5TPD seawater desalination plant

Configuration List

NO. Part Name Material QTY Origin
1 Feed Pump 316 1 Set CHN Nanfang
2 Multimedia Filter FRP 1 PC CHN KY
3 Auto Multiway Valve Composite Material 1 PC CHN RunXin
4 HP Pump With Motor Brass 1 Set Italy AR
5 RO Membrane PA 2PCS DOW
6 Pressure Vessel FRP 2PCS ROPV
7 Cleaning Pump 304 1 Set CHN Nanfang
8 Cleaning electrically operated valve 316 2PCS ZJ
9 Low Pressure Pipe UPVC 1KIT SANKING
10 PLC Programmable Device 1PC ORMON

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AR pump

High Pressure Pump —– Italy Annovi Reverberi

Italy Annovi Reverberi high pressure (HP) pump enjoy a good reputation in global HP pump industry. For its high performance,long-life term, low maintenance.

Automatic Cleaning System

To protect RO membrane from being clogged by seaweed or others, and avoid frequently change RO membrane, reduce maintenance cost, KYsearo engineer team design automatic cleaning system. Meanwhile, cleaning system clean high pressure pump too, extend HP pump life.

RO membranes should be cleaned before totally stop working every time. it can remove almost new solid particles which were produced this time.. And containing  fresh water in RO system when it does not work.

automatic cleaning system
multi-way valve

Automatic Multiway valve —— RunXin

To protect pre-treatment system (multi-media filter) from being clogged, we choose to use RunXin multi-valve to directly washing and backwash.

How often the system need to be cleaned ?

Generally, pre-treatment system need to be cleaned every three days to one week, do not need clean every day.

Especially, check the difference of pressure between Before Filtration and After Filtration, if After Filtration Pressure more 0.1 MPA than Before, it need be cleaned urgently.

316SS Fittings

We choose 316 stainless steel fittings as high pressure connector, for it high corrosion resistant and long-term life. 

316 fittings

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