20 T/D seawater desalination system
Model: KYSW-20 T/D

Production:  20 T/D

Operating pressure: 3.5-6.5 Mpa

High pressure pump: 4.5 KW

Booster pump: 0.55 KW

Dimensions: 2000*1390*1450 mm3

Weight: 850 kg

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Real Show

Real Photos

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Commercial ship
20 TPD seawater desalination plant case
20 T/D seawater desalination plant
desalination plant in ship
20 T/D seawater desalination plant

A successful case in Shandong, China. we manufacture and installation this 20 tons per day economic seawater desalination system of ship.

If have any interest to know more about it, please no hesitate to contact us.