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Marine Water Maker

Marine Water Maker 1T/D~12T/D

  • Model : KYSW5T/D
  • Production : 5T/D
  • Desalination Rate : 98%~99%
  • Operating Pressure : 4MPa
  • High Pressure Pump : 2.5KW
  • Booster Pump : 0.55KW
  • Power : 220V or 380V    50-60HZ
Product Feature
  • Long-term stability,One year warranty
  • Reasonable structure,Resistance to vibration
  • Easy installation and change components
  • Automatic cleaning system, Protect RO membrane from being clogged
All details above for reference.
Advanced Technology Confirm The High Quality
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desalination plant detail 34
desalination plant detail 56
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How Marine Water Maker Work
Marine water makers use Reverse Osmosis to make water,so marine water makers be called marine ro unit or marine ro system too, Reverse osmosis (RO) is a separation process that uses pressure to force a solvent through a membrane that retains the solute on one side and allows the pure solvent to pass to the other side.

The membranes used for reverse osmosis have a dense barrier layer in the polymer matrix where most separation occurs. In most cases the membrane is designed to allow only water to pass through this dense layer while preventing the passage of solutes (such as salt ions).

Basic Components

NO. Part Name Material QTY Origin
1 Feed Pump 316 1 Set CHN Nanfang
2 Multimedia Filter FRP 1 PC CHN KY
3 Auto Multiway Valve Composite Material 1 PC CHN RunXin
4 HP Pump With Motor Brass 1 Set Italy AR
5 RO Membrane PA 2PCS DOW
6 Pressure Vessel FRP 2PCS ROPV
7 Cleaning Pump 304 1 Set CHN Nanfang
8 Cleaning electrically operated valve 316 2PCS ZJ
9 Low Pressure Pipe UPVC 1KIT SANKING
10 PLC Programmable Device   1PC ORMON

System Dimensions and Details

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5TPD water maker detail
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3TPD RO system detail

Process Chart

5TPD seawater desalination plant

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