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Containerized Seawater Desalination System

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For 25 T/D ~100 T/D seawater desalination plant , KYsearo design the system can be installed in 20 FT container, to achieve the follow convenience:

  • Suit for long-distance transport
  • Easy installation
  • Save space for customers
For 100 T/D ~300 T/D seawater desalination system , KYsearo design the system can be installed in 40 FT container, to achieve the follow convenience:

  • Suit for long-distance transport
  • Easy installation
  • Save space for customers
  • Adapt to different environments 
containerized reverse osmosis

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Product Description
KYsearo containerized seawater desalination system take the technology by known as reverse osmosis, RO are the future in membrane seawater treatment system, Capable of producing up to 200 T/D fresh water from a single forty container with built in pre-treatment and membrane cleaning. Take the advantage of RO system high rejection of metals,minerals and chemical contaminants, Containerized water treatment equipment make it convenience to converted sea water to potable water anywhere in the world with a high recovery rate.

KYsearo ‘s technical experts are available to assist with your specific customized applications. we promise the end product customers receive is a completely unique system tailored to their needs and specifications.some of the special features that can be installed in a containerized RO system include insulation and centralized heating and cooling, keeping you seawater desalination system safe from even the hash elements.A seawater desalination plant can be available anyplace you can ship a 20 or 40-foot container.

Containerize Seawater Desalination System Specifications For Reference 

Model Membrane model*qty ProductionT/D Weight/kg Operating Pressure/Mpa Power
KYCT20-20 4040×8 20 2800 3.5-6.5  



220/50-60 Hz
380/50-60 Hz

KYCT20-26 4040×10 26 2860 3.5-6.5
KYCT20-30 4040×12 30 2920 3.5-6.5
KYCT20-40 4040×16 40 3030 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-60 8040×6 60 4900 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-80 8040×8 80 5050 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-100 8040×10 100 5150 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-120 8040×12 120 5230 3.5-6.5
KYCT40-150 8040×16 150 5530 3.5-6.5

How the Containerized SWRO System change our lives?

The assembly of containerized seawater desalination system is mainly applied to island people who are lack of domestic water, seasonal fresh water supply of tourist industry, remote district or fresh water demand under emergency situation. Within short period, it can quickly produce water, little amount of investment, speedy effectiveness. System configuration mainly: substation power distribution cabinet box, dosing syste, pre-treatment, RO membrane, back-washing system. The system design scale was 300 m3/d and water recovery was up to 40%, which the water product met the WHO standard.

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