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Brackish water desalination

Brackish Water Desalination System

brackish water treatment plant
brackish water desalination systems


To ensure our clients receive the utmost quality in brackish water desalination system, KYsearo Brackish Water Series desalination plant uses only the best parts and components,We maintain great professional working with many top vendors in seawater treatment industry,in case the client have specific requirement of brands or materials.Our brackish water reverse osmosis system are ideal in municipal,commercial and industrial settings,All of our equipment are engineered and mad by our own production team,Our professional knowledgeable engineers and staff are always ready to help and provide information to answer client’s questions.and you could completely trained the functionalities as well as the maintenance necessary for the different parts,Contact us,and allow us to figure out any brackish water desalination problems you might have.

Latest Project

brackish water desalination systemProject location: Cairo of Egypt

Date: January. 2016

Production capacity: 20 Tons per hour

Feed water type: Nile River Water

Raw water quality: TDS≈4500 ppm

Working environment: Convert the Nile River water into fresh water to irrigate an orchard.

Application of product water: irrigation water


containerized desalination systemProject location: South Sudan

Date: April. 2016

Production capacity: 100 Tons per day

Feed water type: Groundwater (well water)

Raw water quality: TDS≈4000 ppm

Application of product water: domestic water

What usage for brackish water desalination systems?

Supply domestic water for residents

Supply fresh water for irrigation crops

Supply fresh water for breeding animals

Supply fresh water for processing business

Supply fresh water for work sites

Supply fresh water for hotels & resorts water using.



Intake: River/lake water

Pre-treatment: Filtration and chemical dosing

High-pressure pump: to achieve the needed pressure

Membrane assembly: to perform the desalination process

pH adjustment: to adjust the alkalinity or acid level

Disinfection: to prevent any bacterial or organic growth

Product Features

  • Compact frame, large volume production.
  • Available with basic, semi-automatic and automatic controller options
  • Medium or large size equipment,optimizing configuration of energy recovery device according to customer’s requirement.
  • Automatic pressure regulating system, intuitive,full-color LCD touch screen interface.
  • Automatic fresh-water flush controlled by multiway valve, avoid frequent cleaning.
  • With one touch, the system will start and finish water production automatically.
  • The HP pump is water lubricated, corrosion resistant Super Duplex ), and completely eliminates membrane fouling caused by oil leaks. This innovative HP pump provides constant flow regardless of variations in pressure while delivering a total efficiency of up to 97%.
  • Low maintenance radial axial pump does not require oil change, extend the pre-filters’ life, 8000 hours long period operation.
  • Low pressure parts adopt anti-corrosion UPVC pipelines and long-term special security sensors.

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